Silver Jubilee Birthday Wishes

2020 Silver Jubilee Birthday Wishes – Happy 25th Birthday Greetings

Happy 25th Birthday Greetings

Below are Silver Jubilee Birthday Wishes – Happy 25th Birthday Greetings for loved ones.

1. Happy 25th birthday to you. More of God’s infinite love.

2. Happy birthday to someone very important to my existence. I wish you all God has for you. Enjoy your silver jubilee.

3. You’ve lived to celebrate the silver jubilee. May you live longer to celebrate golden jubilee, and even more. Happy birthday to you.

4. Happy birthday to you at 25. May God’s divine understanding never depart from your life.

5. It’s 25years of your existence already. May all that matters to you matter to God. Happy birthday.

6. Every crooked way of your life shall be straightened by the power in the blood of Jesus. I wish you a prosperous 25th birthday.

7. Jesus is the reason for your existence. May you never forget Him in all you do. Have fun at 25.

8. Where there seems to be no way, the Lord will cause ways to be open unto you. Happy 25th birthday, with love from the family.

9. May the world see the greatness of God in your life today and forever. Happy birthday to you.

10. You shall never want or lack. All you need to be complete, the Lord will release unto you in Jesus’ name. Rock at 25.

11. May you always be the head and never the tail in every gathering you find yourself. Happy birthday to you at 25.

13. May you always sit in the gathering of the honourable. And you shall be lifted above your enemies. Happy 25th birthday to you.

14. You shall always stand out among your equals. And it shall be well with you. Enjoy life at 25.

15. May sorrow and bad luck depart from you as you celebrate your 25th birthday. Happy birthday.

16. It shall be well with you all the years you’ll live on earth. Happy 25th birthday in Jesus name.

17. Your life will never be cut short. You’ll always triumph over your stubborn enemies. Now, and forever, you’ll not experience sadness. Happy birthday at 25.

18. The blood of Jesus will continue to speak for you, day in day out, for the rest of your years. Happy 25th birthday to you.

19. May all your heart desires come to reality as you celebrate this remarkable day. Wish you heaven’s blessings. Happy 25th birthday.

20. For the rest of your life, peace, unexpected favour, success, and all your heart desires shall be granted. Enjoy your 25th birthday.

21. This birthday shall be the beginning of greater heights in your life. Happy birthday at 25.

22. Things of celebration will never cease to happen in your life. Happy birthday at 25.

23. You shall begin to see God in your life and work in Jesus’ name. Happy 25th birthday to you.

24. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that your wishes come true. Happy birthday at 25.

25. May you keep getting better and finer with age. I cherish you. Enjoy your 25th birthday.

26. I wish you happiness, joy, strength, wealth, and success in all you lay your hands on. Happy 25th birthday.

27. Sending you a birthday wish wrapped with all my love. Enjoy your day.

28. I pray that God will richly bless your birthday, and each day all year, with joy and happiness. Happy 25th birthday to you.

29. You’re celebrating your birthday. But, the rest of us are celebrating the anniversary of you arriving in the world and making it a better place. Happy birthday.

30. On your birthday, I wish you the joy, love, blessings of God. May you have God’s best in everything. Happy birthday at 25.

Written by Olalekan Adebumiti.

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