Pre-birthday Wishes To Myself

Pre-birthday Wishes to Myself in 2020

Birthdays are special days to look forward to and be grateful for the gift of life. Both young and old should be celebrated and should celebrate themselves.

Since I want you to celebrate your birthday and enjoy every moment of it, I helped with awesome Pre-Birthday wishes and messages to spice up your online presence before your birthday.

Pre-birthday Wishes to Me

The most beautiful collection of Pre-birthday Wishes to Myself has been made available here for you to freely use.

1. It’s my birthday in some days and I’m super excited. It can only be beautiful. Happy Birthday to me in advance.

2. It’s been a beautiful year and transiting to another new age feel so good. Can’t wait for my birthday. It will be glorious.

3. See how I’m patiently counting down like I’m waiting for something kind of lottery. It’s a great day I’m expecting and I am going to celebrate. Happy Birthday to me in some days.

4. It’s some days to my birthday and if you ask me what I want for my birthday and I’ll give you a list of things I desire, but one thing I desire most to be happy all the days of my life.

5. Life is leaving me with so many memories. I’m glad I’m stepping into another phase soon. Happy Birthday to me in some days.

6. As I add another age in some days, I want to love more, I want to help more. I want to smile more and most importantly, I want to keep improving myself. So help me God.

7. People change and that is what I’m about to experience; change in my age. In a number of days, I’ll be a year older. I wish myself all the joy my heart can hold.

8. There is a sole responsibility in growing old and no matter the responsibility, I’m ready to embrace it as I add another age soon.

9. Everything that seems to limit me is falling off and I’m embracing a new age with wisdom. It’s my birthday in some days and I’m happy!

10. The Spirit of the Lord go before me into my new age and I’ll step into it with joy and happiness.

11. God is crowning my life with good will and my ways are guided. I’m stepping into this new age with a sound mind.

12. I look back at the years and I’m grateful for the years spent. There are many years ahead and one of the years is here in some days.

13. I receive the grace to keep standing strong in the faith as I daily grow. Happy Birthday to me in advance.

14. Open my eyes to my purpose and let my life align with God’s will as I prepare to be a year older in some days.

15. I don’t just want to walk this earth like everyone, I just want to make impart and create improvement in the lives of everyone I meet. I’ll be a year older in some days and it feels so good.

16. I refuse to be a failure. I succeed in all my endeavour and I’m victorious. I celebrate my birthday ahead. I’m counting down.

17. Birthdays are days to celebrate and I’m eagerly looking forward to the day ahead. Happy Birthday in advance to me.

18. It’s some days to my birthday and I can’t help but feel the moments. You can start sending in your gifts and let’s make plans for the day. It will be beautiful.

19. The wind is blowing so cool. I guess it knows the birthday of a unique being is in some days. Let me start planning for my birthday!

20. Let it rain. Let the earth be cool. Let me feel the joy of the time cause it’s my birthday in some days. Happy Birthday to me in advance.


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