Birthday write up for myself

2020 Best Birthday Write Up for Myself

So it’s your day and you want some birthday write ups for yourself? As lovely as that sounds, I am glad to introduce you to the birthday write up for myself collection.

Ready for the write-up? Enjoy the Collection.

Birthday Write Up for Myself

I Love Myself

Like every mortal
I’ve been on life’s voyage
Like every living being
I’ve been through a whole lot…
I’ve had my good and bad seasons
I’ve made irrational choices.
I’ve fallen and fallen
And have risen all the time.
I’ve struggled to make ends meet
I’ve been struck by many-a-challenge.
And looking back now
I see the moments were worth it.
To say it as it is…
I wish myself a happy birthday.

It’s Yet Another Bright Day

I’ve counted it in days
Narrated it in weeks
Summed it up in months
And they make many years!

It’s yet another day of joy
Another day of endless merriment
Another day of beaming light..
To my life within and without..

Yes,it’s another day to sigh in awe
Because I’ve got more happy years ahead.
Yippy! Happy birthday to me.

What will i write?…


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