Birthday Wishes for Daughter

100 Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom & Dad

We can’t help but celebrate special people on special occasions. For people who have children, the feeling that comes with the birth of any child is priceless and it is very significant to celebrate them and make them feel as special as they really are on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents – Mother and Father.

1. Your life was non-negotiable, now unpredictable, that is why you are unstoppable. You are God’s agenda still unfolding. Happy birthday my daughter.

2. Precious and priceless you are. I wonder if I would have ever been able if I were asked to pay for you. Happy birthday to you my priceless gift.

3. You are a wonder to many even to me and I’m so honoured to be called your mother. Happy birthday to you my little wonder girl.

4. Since you came into my life, it has been from one testimony to another. Happy birthday my testimony.

5. Your intelligence makes a fool of me and I’m so proud that God honoured me with the responsibility of raising you. Happy birthday my priceless gift.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Here are Best Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother. You can actually scroll back up to number 1 to enjoy the first five Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom (Mother).

6. Where others crawl you walk, where others walk you run, where others fly you soar. Keep soaring my angel. You were made for the top. Happy birthday my daughter.

7. Every passing day, a new part of you unfolds and I am convinced that you can only be greater than all your peers. Happy birthday my darling daughter.

8. Since you came into my life, it has been joy and excitement all around. Happy birthday my joy.

9. You are the reason I always meet my deadline. I’m grateful for you. Happy birthday my princess.

10. You are a combination of all the good things of life that is why I call you my jollof rice. Happy birthday my girl.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad (Father). I suggest you scroll back up to number 1 to enjoy the first 10 Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad (Father).

11. You add spice and zestiness to my life. It is a pleasure to be your mother. Happy birthday dearest daughter.

12. The world is so rich because of your presence here. You are the wealth that the world needs. Without you, the world will be so empty. Happy birthday my wealth.

13. You came into my life and gave meaning to it. Happy birthday my princess.

14. A birthday marks the day that one is born. It also marks how special the person that is born to a family is special to the family. To our family, you are so special that our celebrating you cannot really express how special you are to us. Happy birthday our family Queen.


15. You are 1 in 8,000,000,000,000 people on earth and you are special like that. Happy birthday my little Queen.

16. It is once every 365 days but with you around, every day is special. So I wish you everything special now and always just like you are special to me. Happy birthday my special girl.

17. You are a bundle of testimonies that will take me all my life to testify. Happy birthday my testimony.

18. “The blessing of God, it maketh rich and added no sorrow with it.” You are the manifestation of this scripture upon my life. Happy birthday.

19. I celebrate you every day and especially today because it was on a day like this that I gave birth to you.

20. This day remains special and remarkable in my life because of your birth. Happy birthday my daughter.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Daughter

21. Since you came into my life, my life has never been the same. Thank you for becoming part of my life.

22. Happy birthday to my gossip partner and company keeper like no other.

23. The lines have of course fallen for you in pleasant places and you have a goodly heritage. Enjoy your heritage in Christ, my princess. Happy birthday.

24. You are one reason why I still hang on even when I have come to the end of the road and given up on life. Happy birthday my angel.

25. You are a blessing come to my life. So I wish that all the blessings that you need to enjoy life come to you this day and always.

26. With all the beauty, brains and blessings that you carry, you are God’s unfinished work still in progress. Your future is glorious.

27. I never knew that daughters can be such a blessing until you came into my life.

28. A daughter is a priceless Pearl that comes to one’s life to beautify it. You have added beauty to my life and I celebrate you on this day and always.

29. A daughter is a precious ornament that cannot be traded because it is priceless. That is what you are to me my little girl and I celebrate you on this your birthday and always.

30. You are the best gift I could ever get from God and I couldn’t have asked for better. Happy birthday my daughter.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

31. We were poor until the day you were born. Thank you for bringing so much wealth to us. You are our wealth. Happy birthday.

32. You came as a pleasant surprise to my life and I pray pleasant surprises come to you today and always. Happy birthday.

33. Happy birthday to my precious priceless Pearl. You are loved.

34. I was never a mother until I had you. Thank you for giving me the most important title and achievement I could ever get. Happy birthday my daughter.

35. May this day and every day be special and beautiful just as you are. Happy birthday my daughter.

36. I never knew that there was so much love till you came to my life and now I have an overflowing river of love. Happy birthday my daughter. You are the definition of love.

37. You are my daughter and you are also my best friend. I love you girl. Happy birthday.

38. Happy birthday to my dearest sweet daughter. The world is waiting for you.

39. God is still interested in mankind. You are so loaded and he gave you to mankind and I’m proud because you passed through me. Happy birthday my daughter.

40. To a world changer born right on time, happy birthday.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Daughter

41. Watch out world, my daughter is coming to you. Happy birthday to you my sweetheart.

42. Happy birthday to the grandest of all girls. Happy to my daughter.

43. Your life has proven that you were born as a solution to world’s problems. I celebrate you on this your birthday and always.

44. Your love for God and humanity consumes. I pray God’s boundless love remain your portion on this anniversary of your birth and forever. Happy birthday, God-lover.

45. There couldn’t be a better daughter than you are to me. Baby, you’re the best and I love you. Happy birthday.

46. My heart has the capacity to love someone more than I love myself and you are that someone. Happy birthday my dearest daughter.

47. Other than God, no one loves you more than I do. You are the apple of my eyes. Happy birthday, daughter.

48. You are a proof that there is a God somewhere even though we can’t see him. You have been a manifestation of his presence in my life. Happy birthday my girl.

49. Today is a special day to you but more so to me because I never knew I would ever write birthday wishes for my own daughter but you happened and now I have a daughter that I can always wish a happy birthday. So happy birthday to my own daughter.

50. What did I ever do to deserve such a blessing in my life as you? Happy birthday to my unmerited favour. Happy birthday to my daughter.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Daughter

51. With you as my daughter by my side, there is nothing in this life that I cannot face. Happy birthday to more than a woman. Happy birthday to my daughter.

52. You do more than you should for your age. You perform better than your peers. Happy birthday my daughter. Continue to excel.

53. Happy birthday my home keeper. You keep our home in shape and make our marriage beautiful. Happy birthday beautiful daughter.

54. You already know how much I love you baby

55. Today is a beautiful day for many reasons but Paramount of all is that you were born on this day years ago

56. You are a cute blessing sent to us in form of a daughter. Happy birthday to you.

57. You are pricelessly priceless and a precious pearl and I’m proud of you my princess. Happy birthday.

58. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mother to you because you are my reward. Happy birthday my daughter.

59. On a day like this 12years ago a princess was born into our family and ever since then, our lives have changed for the better. Happy birthday, princess.

60. You are a perfect example of God’s mercies and I pray he perfects all that concerns you on this birthday of yours and always.

Special Birthday Wishes for Daughter

61. You are a Queen and worth more than anything in the world. You were born great and shall remain great. The world awaits your greatness. Happy birthday my Queen daughter.

62. You are the best thing happened to me so I pray that the best of everything in life happen to you on this day and always. Happy birthday my bestie.

63. Happy birthday to an independent, strong, powerful and positive-minded woman. Happy birthday, my dear, you are a woman and half.

64. Happy birthday to a woman who has a mind of her own. Happy birthday to my daughter.

65. You make things easy for others even when you do get it so easily. You are more than a daughter to me. Happy birthday my dear.

66. If you were not in my life, I wonder how ’empty’ and boring it would have been. I love every part of you. Happy birthday my darling daughter. I love you.

67. Your smile radiates hope even in the face of the most difficult situations. Happy birthday my hope bringer. Happy my daughter.

68. You intelligence, boldness and beauty are factory fitted. No other person is like you and no other person will be like you. Happy birthday dearest daughter.

69. You are a promise fulfilled. The promise of God for my life in flesh and blood. Happy birthday my daughter of life.

70. Like a pretty ornament to the body so is your presence in our lives. Happy birthday our pretty ornament.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Daughter

71. Happy birthday my daughter. Blossom and all your dreams come true. I love you plenty.

72. Your light shines forth wherever you are. Shine as bright as you can be. You are my star baby. Happy birthday.

73. I look forward to continuing to watch you blossom, shine and excel. It’s your day today. Happy birthday.

74. It is so much fun bathing you, feeding you, caring for you and watching you grow. Happy birthday my girl.

75. Your curiosity for every detail has helped me to be more conscious of the fact that every little thing matters. Happy birthday my dearest daughter.

76. Your zestiness infects all those around you. Happy birthday to the zestiest girl ever. Happy birthday my dearest. You are the best

77. I asked for a baby and was given more than a baby. I was given a blessing packaged in form of a daughter loaded with awesomeness. Happy birthday my awe-inspiring girl.

78. Your place is in my heart and there you have come to stay. I miss you whenever we are apart because you are spectacular. Happy birthday.

79. I’m a “snitch” of a mother because I’m so proud of you my girl. I tell anybody who cares to listen about how awesome you are. Happy birthday my daughter.

80. I feel proud moulding you into the woman that you are. I feel proud being your mother. Happy birthday my daughter.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Daughter

81. I never knew blessings come in”daughters”. I’m glad I received mine on this day some years ago. Happy birthday my blessing.

82. My daughter, I bless you today and forever. Your voice shall be heard in your generation and beyond. Walk in excellence.
Happy birthday.

83. You are bigger, stronger, wiser, more intelligent, more beautiful, more gracious and better than you were a year ago. Looking forward to a more amazing year ahead. Happy birthday.

84. Happy birthday to an extraordinary woman. Happy birthday to my girl.

85. I had dreams of being a mother but not of a wonderful woman like you. Thanks for fulfilling my dreams and more. Happy birthday.

86. Happy birthday from a mother who has not stopped being grateful to God since the day you were born.

87. Happy birthday from the mother of an Amazon.

88. You are my supermodel and nobody in the whole wide world can ever be as beautiful as you are.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world.

89. When I come to the end of the road and want to give up, I think of you then I have one more reason to continue. You are my source of strength. Happy birthday to you my dear.

90. You smile brightens up my day like the sun brightens up the morning. Happy birthday my sunshine.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Short Birthday Wishes for Daughter, Blessed Birthday Wishes for Daughter, Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Daughter and Words for Birthday Wishes for Daughter.

91. 12 years gone and I’m thinking – where did the time go? This is because with you, time runs so fast and one can’t get enough of you. Happy birthday.

92. Very creative and unconventional. That’s what makes you special. Happy birthday, my special girl.

93. When you gave out you last toy to a friend who could not afford and shared your lunch with a girl who could not afford it, I knew you were selfless and I bless God for you. Happy birthday my selfless Queen.

94. You make parenting so easy. People look at you and wonder who the great parents are that raised you. I’m proud to be your mother. Happy birthday my princess.

95. Invaluable is what you are because you are priceless and worth more than everything in the whole wide world. Happy birthday my daughter.

96. You hold a lot of inner strength. You look fragile but you are twice as strong as you look. I know this because I’m your mother. Happy birthday to the strongest girl alive.

97. It is impossible to describe you with less than a million words because you are so loaded, and a few words would do injustice describing you. Happy birthday dear daughter.

98. Happy birthday to a woman of her own opinions and standards. You are not moved by other people’s standards and I’m glad that you have a mind of your own. Happy birthday my daughter.

99. The best feeling ever is when you hug me and tell me “mummy I love you”. I’m glad you love me and I can’t love you less. Happy birthday my daughter. You will remain my endless love.

100. You are the best and I couldn’t have asked for better. Happy birthday.

  • Written By Doris Emmanuel Odu.

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